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Rustlords – is a midcore autobattler with elements of turn-based strategy, in which players compete with each other for power in a mechanical post-apocalyptic world.
Main gameplay consists of capturing districts of global map, creating of fearsome robot warriors, and quick, dynamic battles in autobattler style.

Unique gameplay
A combination of strategy and autobattler mechanics, which allow to play quickly and dynamically – on a lunch break or in transport.
Unusual setting
Player will conquer steampunk world of mechanical life, ruled by robots warring among themselves, and building they rusted empires!
May 2022
Idea and plot
Game concept
June 2022
Team complication
July 2022
August 2022
- October 2022

September 2022
- July 2023
Payback and profit

Basic payback
560 000 $

This sum fully covers the costs of production,
taxes and Steam commission.
With a game price of $14.99 it can be achieved by selling only 37000 copies.

Target profit
3 750 000 $
This sum is our target goal and will be achieved when we will reach our planned 500 000 sales.
It covers the investment more than 13 times.

Additional Profit

Contextual advertising
Cosmetic items
Content DLC
  • Contracts for placing logos in the game
  • Can be temporary or permanent
  • Additional profit –
up to 20 000 $ per month

  • Changing the appearance of units and buildings
  • Ability to dominate other players in multiplayer
  • Additional profit –
up to 10-14 thousand $ per month

  • Additional content for additional pay
  • Maintaining user interest in the game
  • Additional profit –
500 000 $ per DLC

Financial Timeline

Full return of investments and profit in the amount of $ 2 345 000 in 13 months
Investment proposal

At the moment we are attracting investments in the amount of 37 500 $ for a 12.75% share in the project
Our goal – release on Steam
and achieving
$2 625 000 revenue
in 13 months

Profit distribution

Igor Tolkachev

Work experience – more than 5 years
Lead Game Designer in Rockstone
Lead Game Designer in White Rabbit
Team Lead of “Vessels of Memories” project

White Rabbit
Igor Gorokhov

Work experience – more than 5 years
Tech Lead in Open Gymnasium Geneva
Unity Developer in A-Group
CG-Producer in Cinestron Ltd.
Artyom Stanizkiy

Work experience – more than 14 years
Head of Design in Red Panda labs
Co-Founder in Workout Me
Head of Art, Product Manager in Tangled Cats Game

Tangled Cats Game
Duck Keeper
Sweet Meet

Work experience – more than 10 years
Creator of comic series:
- «Soul returns to Earth»
- «Legend»
Participated in development of many games

Tatyana Limenya

Work experience – more than 5 years
Composer of the game «GwenBlade»
Short film composer

Daniel Kamenev

Work experience – more than 7 years
Head of marketing studio Fat Pony

Battle chasers
Team Experience

Projects with our involvement
Igor Tolkachev - Lead gamedesigner

Project achievements:
Top-10 VK-apps
Revenue: $523 000 per month
Daniel Kamenev - Marketing Consulting

Project achievements:
Sales: 1 000 000 копий
Profit: 11 000 000 $
Daniel Kamenev - Marketing Consulting

Project achievements:
Sales: 5 000 000 copies
Profit: 120 000 000 $

Artyom Stanizkiy - Head of Design

Project achievements:
20 000 000 active users
Revenue: 2 000 000 $ per month

Right now we are preparing the financial model

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