We unite a pool of companies, field leaders with real experience, a professional team and earned reputation so we can make the accelerator projects to be leaders in their spheres

Our business model -
an open consortium
Every project has the current partners: legal, marketing, audit, IT companies. They work in their competence, and in return they become shareholders of the project, receiving a share and dividends
  • Marketing studying
  • Market analysys
  • Developoment and promoting of advertising strategies
  • Presentations, showcases, events
  • PR
  • Social media
  • Channel effeciency analysys
  • Selection of jurisdiction, opening and support of law firms for the accelerator project sall around the world
  • Registration of contracts, options, shareholder and user agreements
  • Patent protection, trademark registration
  • Strategy consulting
  • Accelerator projects accountement
  • Quarterly reports to investors
  • Financial analysys and activity audit of the accelerator
  • International consulting
  • International partners
  • Venture funds
  • Investment platforms
  • Accelerators
  • Software development
  • Platform development
  • High load databases
  • Software and hardware solutions
  • Mobile services
  • Web applications
Audit and finacials

Interaction of partners and the management of the accelerator


  • Konstantin Rebikov
    CEO Success Factory
  • Leonid Moiseev
    President Success Factory
  • Joni Yakovlev
    CBO Success Factory
  • Sergey Muzikin
    CMO Success Factory
  • Valentina Kovaleva
    CBDO Success Factory
  • Kirill Dobriy
    CVO Success Factory
  • Alexander Serebryakov
    COO Success Factory
  • Roman Porshnev
    CFO Success Factory
  • Stan Lesnikov
    CTO & CIO Success Factory
  • Maxim Zorin
    CSO Success Factory
What is an Accelerator
Business-accelerator Success Factory – is a structure that combines professional IT-industry players, sums up partner competencies to achieve commercial success.
Success Factory's main goal – acceleration of IT-startups, transforming perspective ideas into ready commercially successfull products 

Management structure

Legal "body" of the accelerator, a structure that is the subject of official relations between the accelerator and the partners, contractors and government structures.

Expert council

Experts team that have profile competencies in areas, that are necessary for a successfull realisation of a certain start-up. Expert council is responsible for elaboration of ideas, business plans, technologies of potential start-ups, provides pre-designed start-ups to the Directors Council for making a solution about signing a contract with the start-up and then provides the supervising of the project realisation within its competence. The members of the Expert Council are exclusively the heads of the Expert blocks.
We invite Investors, Business angels, Professionals with experience and competencies in IT and Marketing, and partners for promoting accelerator projects in Your countries