If you have a business idea and you want to transform it into a big story, you'll need expert help and investments - welcome to the accelerator

We help in solving real tasks

  • Preparating an effective pitch
    We analyse the market and other competitors, develop a business model and pack the project.
    "Translate" your project to the Investor's language. That will get his interest and desire to invest in it.
  • Attract investments 
    Our main job is communicating with investors. More than 250 funds and independent investors from all around the world will see your project
  • Provide legal binding
    We provide full security for the Project founders: selection of jurisdiction, execution of contracts, options, patents, trademarks, shareholder and user agreements, etc.
  • Add competencies and launch MVP
    We attract professionals from your project's sphere, implement the project together and launch a Minimal Viable Product
  • Develop and deploy a marketing strategy
    We plan a long-term brand and product development. We determine the most profitable promotion channels, create and design marketing systems: goals, positioning and KPI
  • Scaling the businness
    We bring business to the global market, localizing the project for the specifics of each country
Main principles in project selection
  • Early stages
    We work with projects on early stages and stages of growth
  • IT projects are prioritized 
    Accelerator's specification are companies with a big On-line part in their work
  • Shares of the founders
    Founders must be a 100% owners of their company at the moment of application
  • Scaling
    The start-up must have growth and scaling potential
  • Accelerator's share in the start-up
    The accelerator's share in the start up varies from 7% to 30% depending on the stage of the project. 
    The investors share are agreed individually for every project
  • Targets
    Startup investment horizon is up to 5 years
    Payback period is not more than 3 years.

Professional and financial support to reach the goals

High quality
What does the accelerator resident receive
There are lots of advantages and possibilities but we'll mark the main four -
Every project has an expert with many years of experience in this area
Personal mentor
Accelerator partners are businessmen, science workers, engineers, marketers and developers that join the project at the right stage
We interact with funds and accelerators from all around the world and providing a platform for live comminicating and presenting projects by the founders
Support and result
For participations in the accelerator
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